Tel: 01729 823626
A charity run pool for the community
Pool Hire and Private Parties

Wondering where to book a party or would like to hire the pool for your own private use, then look no further.

Available to hire on Saturdays/Sundays and may be available to hire on other days and times, please ask for further details.

    1.  Pool Only  92
           (which includes supervision of qualified lifeguards)
    2.  Pool with Stepping Stones 113
           (which includes supervision of qualified lifeguards)

3. Pool with inflatable 135

(which includes supervision of qualified lifeguards)

All sessions include access to all our toys and equipment- please ring the pool for a full kit list
The above times are for an hour in the pool. After these times, we offer full access to the foyer
(tables and chairs) and kitchen if you wish to provide refreshments to your guests.

Time in the foyer is unrestricted but please be aware that we have a general public swim
starting at 2.15pm on a Saturday.

If you wish make an enquiry or wish to book a session
please call us on 01729 823626 to confirm availability.

        Bookings will only be secured upon receipt of a 25 deposit and a signed "Booking Form".
    Please be aware it is the responsibility of the person hiring the pool to make sure all
our admission policies are adhered to
- see notes given at the bottom of our timetable.