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A charity run pool for the community
The Friends of Settle Area Swimming Pool

and its partnership with Settle Area Swimming Pool


They are currently a group of approximately 36 volunteers - 13 of whom sit on the Trustees Committee, with the remainder being those who pack the waste paper/cardboard into the collection skips at the pool site.

The objects are to assist in providing, promoting, improving and sustaining the swimming facilities for the benefit of the communities within the Settle area. In simple terms, they provide vital financial support to the Swimming Pool so that it remains an excellent community facility.

There are currently two major fund-raising activities carried out by The Friends, namely waste paper/cardboard recycling and the 200 Club. The recycling relies on the community and local businesses to bring paper to the collection point at the pool, where it is packed into the skips by the volunteers and then collected by Rishton Waste Paper Company. There is also a trailer collection from Langcliffe and Long Preston which is brought to the pool. The waste paper/cardboard collection has developed into a major operation with volunteers manning the collection point at the pool for 6 days a week Monday to Saturday. In 2014, the waste paper/cardboard collection resulted in a total of around 335 tonnes being packed by the volunteers - that's about 6 skips per month, resulting in an income of just over 19,500 for the year.

Approximately twenty years ago the swimming pool badly needed and in fact did undergo major refurbishment. The pool held 30,000 in a deposit account from a legacy. Because of this, the pool was questioned about asking for more money when it already had plenty in savings. Despite this, another 100,000 was raised and spent to bring the pool back up to standard. It was as a result of this that a separate committee called 'The Friends of Settle Swimming Pool' was set up in 1992 with full charitable status. A Registered Charity which operates under the Charity Commission guidelines.  It allowed the committee to accumulate funds which charities cannot usually do on the proviso that money raised in the first year must be spent by year 20 and so on.
If you would like further information or perhaps you could volunteer some time to help we would be grateful. Contact details are as follows:

Alan Smith
The Friends of Settle Swimming Pool
Tel: 01729 822090


Derek O'Flaherty
The Friends of Settle Swimming Pool
Tel: 01729 824588



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The 200 Club has been fully subscribed over the last two years with all 200 numbers being sold before the first draw in February. This now means that we can hold 10 monthly draws in February to November for prizes of 50, 30 and 20 each month and we are now able to have a Christmas Draw in December for prizes of 500, 300 and 200, whilst also being able to deposit 2000 into the FOSSP Charity funds.

Financial support was provided to the Swimming Pool Committee in 2014 for such things as the winter close down maintenance programme (servicing of water filters, boilers, showers, lighting); a new pool inflatable; repair and replacement to pool facilities. Just recently funds have been made available to paint the outside which has transformed the look of the building. They also pay for a number of the pool hire charges for both Settle Swimming Club and the Settle Area Disabled Swimming Club.

Another major grant is for the subsidy of transportation costs so that the local schools can continue to send the children to the pool for swimming lessons, with each school receiving up to 850 towards those costs. Ten schools are currently taking advantage of this grant funding.
The 200 Club is run by a member of our Trustees Committee and consists of approximately 200 local people who each pay 20 per year for a ticket in the Swimming Pool Lottery which has regular monthly prize draws. Draws are held February to November, with the value of cash prizes being dependent on the total number of tickets sold. 50% of the ticket sales are returned in prizes whilst the other 50% is deposited into the FOSSP Charity funds.